The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.

Henry Ford, 1920

Because one improves only what one understands – and one understands only what can be measured – it is extremely important to understand the most important asset of a company: its people.


Inductense implements a scientific and human approach to reveal the key factors of performance.

By developing tools capable of measuring determinants of performance in a pragmatic, simple, Cartesian and transparent manner, Inductense offers companies the possibility to highlight the strengths and potential of their workforce in a new light, with a motivating approach that offers real solutions.

The tools developed by Inductense are for managers, HR executives and management boards.


The first component of the Inductense offer is Inteam. 

Inteam is a unique tool for measuring and developing teams. 


Inductense is the result of the interesting career evolution of Sandrine Henry. Sandrine’s background is in engineering. After more than ten years in the high-tech industry & Internet technologies, she changed focus by obtaining a Masters in Human Resources and Social Change.
Since then she has worked in the area of group dynamics and more specifically on the performance management of work groups. Capitalizing on her Cartesian style of thinking and understanding of industry combined with her HR expertise, her background is a major strength in her consulting approach for companies.